Now that you have all the hottest trend details for Holiday 2008 from robert himself- share this with all your girlfriends!!

Make sure you have all the color choices he mentioned in this email- in stock and ready to sell to your customers!


Give your customers a pre- Holiday treat using the My Makeup Makeover software program!! Throw a Look Hot for the Holidays Party!!


Your customer will get a new Hot Holiday Look designed exclusively for her!


Have the party at your house, so they don’t have to worry about having guests in their home.  You can even tie-in this party idea with a Holiday Open House!


Since you already have all your customer’s information saved in the My Makeup Makeover data base; just open the program on your computer and click the ‘edit makeover button’ which takes you to a list of your  customers. Just highlight the guest/customer’s name and click the ‘final report’ button.

All you have to do to jazz up a new look is to click on the ‘evening’ button and click on ‘save look’ button- for all her evening choices.

If you want more evening options, use the drop down ‘go to’ and choose the ‘my preferences’ page and change her lifestyle category to ‘Glamour Girl’.  Because as you know- the holidays bring out the Glamour in everyone!!

Use holiday red presentation folders, personalized with each guest’s name and include her printed final report page, her eye shadow application diagram, and her sample page with the attached mineral color samples, lip pencil, lip stick, lip gloss sample etc. You can even enclose a coupon for your guest to host her own party!


Pro tips for presentation:

Use our pro- lipstick palette, it takes up very little space to show your customer ALL your lipstick colors!


robert’s designed  face pads with makeup applicators – allows you to ‘teach and not touch’ by drawing her look – so she can take it home and feel confident about how to apply her makeup like a pro!