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create-a-brow kit


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includes one of each - package of brow stencils and our brush #27.

perfect brow kit


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includes on of each - dual pencil sharpener, brow gel, our brow brush and brush #1.

angled eyebrow #1


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This mongoose brush is perfectly angled to apply color to eyebrows. Firm bristles are excellent for applying brow powder and blending brow pencil.

brow brush


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Fabulous new design - use this synthetic brush to shape, trim and groom your brows to perfection.

brow stencils


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brow stencils. For women without brow hair due to; alopecia totalis ( loss of hair), and  chemotherapy. And even if your brows are just not there. Brow stencils are an easy-to-use and quick way to to get them back. The four different stencil shapes are pre-cut to mimic the most desired brow shapes for all face shapes. Best applied with brush #27, for the most natural effect.

Contains 4 stencils; delicate, elegant, glamorous, and classic shape brow.

brow gel


order brow sculpting gel

brow gel

sculpting clear brow gel is basically a hair gel for unruly eyebrows because it helps keep the brows in place. the precision wand shapes brows beautifully for a natural looking brow.

7.3 ml / .25 fl oz

dual pencil sharpener


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dual pencil sharpener accommodates traditional makeup pencils as well as "chubby" makeup crayons, so you'll always be able to "make your point". Interlocking chamber holds shavings securely until you can dispose of.

renew eyebrow revitalizer


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Now you can grow in your own eyebrows naturally and quickly. This extraordinary, one of a kind product is made to help strengthen and encourage the growth of eyebrows. If you have plucked your brows beyond repair or just wish you had more to work with, here's your opportunity. You will love your results…

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